This ain’t your regular nail polish…

Selenia Beauty is a handmade, 10 free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly nail polish for unapologetically mystical, untameable, unshameable womxn. Our mission is to share with you a healthier nail polish brand which colors celebrate and promote a non-conformist, disruptive, provocative, supportive and loving  beauty culture among people of color.

For some of you, the idea of me creating a nail polish​ ​line might not come as a surprise. My mom says I inherited my passion for nail polishes and nails did ​from my grandmother (she wouldn’t leave the house with a chipped nail). So, inspired by the strength of all the womxn of color that surround me, with Selenia I want to honor the unf*ckwithable tribe of sisters I’ve earned throughout my journey and all the other​ ​warrior​ ​womxn that have paved the way for us to​ ​enjoy our birthright to BE.​ By creating each nail polish one by one, and utilizing the least chemicals possible, Selenia aims to promote a beauty culture centered in​ self-love and self-care.

A lot of care, attention, and good intentions have been put into creating Selenia Beauty, so thank you for taking the time to stop by!

With sincere gratitude,
-Selenia’s Granddaughter